Alex Jønsson Trio

Nordic jazz

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Dust, the moor, and wide open spaces characterize Danish guitarist Alex Jønsson's trio.

Jønsson's playing is spherical and minimalistic; the compositions are open, lyrical, and melancholic. Assisted by Andreas Skamby (drm) and Jens Mikkel Madsen (bs), the music is challenged and fortified, which is exactly what it takes to create a rich and varied expression with catchy melodies, sheer rhythm and free passages. 

It is the sound of a unique interaction and a dusty, Danish prairie.

“It’s unhurried, expansive music that nevertheless never lacks momentum and tension.”

- London Jazz News (UK)

“Jønsson and his trio just know it: The greatest beauty lays in simplicity.“

- Jazz Podium (GE)

"… a lyrical and refreshingly twisted player.”

- DownBeat Magazine (USA)