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5 Go Adventuring Again

Modern jazz


A small band with a large sound playing Lundin’s particular kind of modern jazz.

The band's 2018 album was awarded the Carl Prize, a Danish Music Award, was choosen as Best Jazz Album 2018 by the magazine Jazz Special and got an Honorable Mention by New York Jazz Records.

5 Go Adventuring Again are:
Tomasz Dabrowski - tp, Petter Hängsel - tb, Fredrik Lundin - saxes, Joel Illerhag - b and Anders Provis - dr

“The thrill of rediscovery permeates the music as well, as Engberg (joined by a bevy of live musicians and orchestra members) weave a vast, strong web of contemporary soul, neoclassical music, improvised jazz, Scandinavian folk balladry, and even hip-hop.”
- Bandcamp, 2020

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