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Astrid Engberg

Jazz soul electronica nordic

Astrid Engberg is a danish singer, producer and dj.
Engberg’s first full-length album “Tulpa" was released in September 2020 and placed on Bandcamp’s “The Best Albums of Summer 2020”. The album got 5/6 stars in Danish newspaper Politiken as well as in the music magazine Gaffa. Politiken calling the album “Far bigger than small Denmark”
Influenced by jazz, soul, beats, classical - as well as west-african music, Astrid is a contemporary artist rooted in the past and presenting a modern mix of electronic-organic jazz, nordic soul and percussive minimalism.

On Tulpa she is joined by an impressive line-up of almost twenty musicians from the jazz - beat and classical world of music. The goal; to transcend genres and combine organic instruments with machines and digital manipulaton. Previously based in Paris and featured on more than twenty vinyl releases worldwide Engberg is now back in Copenhagen focusing on her own productions.

Tulpa granted her the Steppeulven critics prize nomination as Producer of the year 2020.

“The thrill of rediscovery permeates the music as well, as Engberg (joined by a bevy of live musicians and orchestra members) weave a vast, strong web of contemporary soul, neoclassical music, improvised jazz, Scandinavian folk balladry, and even hip-hop.”
- Bandcamp, 2020

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