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B.H.A.D. Company

Modern jazz/Nu jazz

B.H.A.D. Company consists of five musicians - pianist Elza Ozolina (Latvia) as well composer of album songs and executive producer of the project, trumpeter Dan Hejslet (Denmark), Saxophonist Tadas Pasaravičius (Lithuania), Bass player Anders Boye Knudsen (Denmark), and drummer Yannick Ballmann (Belgium). The Debut album is featured by Latvian singer Undīne Rolava and Denmark-born rapper Blacc El. Group was formed in late 2019 and started its steps in February of 2020 by recording ‘Lick Attack’ in 2 days at universities studio in Aalborg. The band immediately save a spot in the biggest danish jazz music festivals such as ‘SPOT’, ‘WayUpNorth’, ‘Winter Jazz’, as well made some noise in Jazz Danmark organized jazz contest ‘JazzKonkurencen 2020’. B.H.A.D. Company defines themselves as experimental jazz ensemble, which comes together to break traditional rules and play high-intensity grooves, making jazz attractive to all generations. Compositions from the album are inspired by Hip Hop, Classical and Electronic Music genres. Song arrangements have been created with a lot of space for improvisation and interpretation, which makes music unpredictable and unique. In 2021 ‘Lick Attack’ was nominated for Jazz or Funk Album of the year in Latvian ‘Golden Microphone’ awards.

"Elza Ozolina is definetly a young composer to keep eye on..."
-Kevin Le Gendre, BBC Radio 3

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