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Nordic electronic jazz

Bagland is a quintet consisting of five musicians, who all have their roots based in the Scandinavian sound.
The music is inspired by the deserted and open nordic landscape with lyrical and melancholic melodies characterizing the compositions. Furthermore, Bagland incorporates an electronic sound adding a playful and dynamic element to the music which contains both hope, happiness, longing, and melancholy.

NOMAD was released in 2016 and was a big part of band leader Jakob Sørensen being awarded the New Danish Jazz Act 2017.

“With this release, Sørensen is fast becoming the master of Nordic Ambient Jazz.”
All About Jazz - Nick Davies

"This album is a truly magical musical masterpiece from one of the up and coming stars of jazz at this time. It is, so far, one of the standout releases of 2019 and will no doubt be on many a playlist for years to come.”
London Jazz - Nick Davies

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