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"The Soulful Scandinavian" - BAUN is a danish artist, pianist and singer that merges soul, funk, pop and jazz

BAUN is a danish artist, jazz pianist and soul singer who writes pop songs.

In 2021 BAUN released four singles. Now he is ready with the twelve track album Beginnings. Beginnings is an uplifting experience with soulful singing, sparkling keys
and body-moving beats.

BAUN bridges catchy beat-driven music with jazz via elements from soul, brasil and funk. The result is warm, welcoming and hand played music of depth and colour. This approach to music is rooted in a belief that many people starve for more humanity in a digital age.

With its lush production, big soothing sound and plenty of detail, Beginnings is equally rewarding on the couch, in the park and on the dancefloor.

”The Soulful Scandinavian: We’ve been secret admirers of this Danish artist. He has delivered and exceeded our expectations” says Andy Collins from Scandinavian Soul.

“This singer brings out the sun!” - Radiohost Phil Horneman, dutch national radio

”BAUN - good music from Denmark, always!” - Omar Lye-Fook, London

In 2021 Amazon put BAUN's 'Ordinary Day' on HOT NEW JAZZ
with artists like José James and Gregory Porter.

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