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Carsten Lindholm

Nordic Jazz with Indian Rhythmic

Peter Wiest Rhein Neckar Zeitung from Enjoy Jazzfest "Their music is free in the best sense of the word: it floats freely above all musical boundaries, is completely detached from genre clichés and totally appeals to the audience".

Carsten Lindholm Trio is known for their unique ability to fuse Nordic Jazz with Indian rhythmics, based on Carsten Lindholms study of Konnakol. All played with a soulful bass, dynamic drums, a heartfelt strong expressive piano - and of course, with focus on the audience.
They have performed at Theatre de Caen, Jazzhus Montmartre Cph, Jazzfest Wageningen, and a lot of clubs / festivals in Germany like ElbJazz, Enjoy Jazzfest, Jazzforum Bayreuth, Domicil, Altes Pfandhaus and many more.
Carsten Lindholm Trio currently consists of pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff (No) Bass players Jasper Somsen (Nl), Reggie Washington (USA).
They invite the audience into a world, where they can forget time and place for a while!
Members of the band varies according to where the focus is, but in common is a collection
of dedicated, dynamic, professional musicians, with a strong expression - and a mutual
interest in jazz music. This carried by especially Carsten's inspirers as Esbjorn Svensson,
Brad Mehldau, Jan Garbarek, Lars Danielsson, Wolfgang Haffner, Vince Mendoza and Russell Ferrante.
Carsten is also a member of the new trio project: Hoff, Somsen, Lindholm:
Pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff from Norway performs worldwide with his solo piano repertoire, and has worked with Mike Stern, Arve Henriksen, Audun Kleive, Anders Jormin, Gary Novak, Per Mathiesen, Alex Acuna and Horacio Hernández.. As a bandleader and co-leader he has released 23 albums and published over 250 orchestral works in various contexts. Jan Gunnar Hoff is also a Steinway Artist.
Double bass player/composer/producer Jasper Somsen from the Netherlands is known worldwide for his longstanding collaborations with Enrico Pieranunzi, Maria Mendes and Lynne Arriale. He has performed with Peter Erskine, Jorge Rossy, Joey Calderazzo, Bob Sheppard, John Beasley and Jeff Ballard, among others. He has released seven albums as leader and co-leader for Challenge Records and has been featured on more than 45 albums and film music productions.
Carsten Lindholm is a Danish drummer and composer. Artists such as Erik Truffaz, John Beasley, Reggie Washington, Pete Judge, Jim Barr, Eivind Aarset, Gunnar Halle, Thomas Siffling and Christopher Dell play on his albums.

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