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Christina Dahl Trio

Improvisation composition new music

Christina Dahl´s latest album with Simon Toldam (keys) and Peter Bruun (drums). "Souls of the Wind" has achieved a nomination for "Instrumental Album of the Year, International" by German Jazz Preis 2023.

With more than 30 years in the jazz scene and 12 albums in her own name, Christina Dahl is one of Denmark’s most original and respected saxophone players and composers. Her playing and her compositions are based on a fearless courage and a deep care for the music. Christina creates musical images and a storytelling of high compositional quality with both an edge and with finesse. The "Souls of the Wind" album is released along with a book of poems by Christina to support her compositions in the most beautiful manner.

"Christina Dahl brings us a unique sound package of European Classical and American Jazz combined to form greater freedom of expression in a trio setting. The three are free to create new musical sounds with movement while guided by clear themes and structures. Souls of the Wind is highly recommended if you enjoy third stream, electronic music, and classical influences in improvised group settings being guided by strong composed melodies and modern harmonic colors." -

"Honesty, sincerity, purity, and integrity come to mind when we listen to the album and reflect thereof on our own state of being and that of the world
Christina Dahl, Simon Toldam, and Peter Bruun have created an exquisite work of ambient Jazz that will hopefully find its way to many listeners around the world. We need it." - Ubuntu FM Radio

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