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Claus Waidtløv

Saxophonist and big band composer


Danish Music Award (DMA) winning saxophonist and composer Claus Waidtløw has been one of the most highly respected jazz musicians in Denmark for more than three decades.
Enjoy Waidtløws strong playing and lyrical compositions with an exceptionel rhythmsection.
New creative melodic jazz with a melancholic Scandinavian vibe, performed on the highest level.

Waidtløw is also one of Denmarks leading bigband composers. His 2015 release, Playhouse, won a DMA and his latest, The Seasons, is highly praised by jazzcritics in Denmark and abroad.

“one of the most proficient in the art of playing the saxophone in Denmark today”
- Niels Overgård, Jazznyt

”Brilliant writing, wonderful arrangements and fabulous performances mark this album out as something special. Move over Vivaldi, there’s a Danish jazz master called Claus Waidtløw waiting to take your crown”
- Mike Gates, UK Vibe (on the album ”The Seasons”)

”This album should be of interest to all Jazz connoisseurs the world over. The special European flavor, elegance and grace simple place it ahead of most other mainstream recordings originating from across the pond. A delightful gem!”
- Adam Baruch, The soundtrack of my life

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