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Eyal Lovett Trio

Israeli Jazz

"Much of the music references Lovett's homeland, with nostalgia, longing, mystery. There are lovely, piquant ruminations, intimate, nuanced conversations. There is hope; there is disappointment. Lovett pens delicate, achingly beautiful melodies" - Dan Mcclenaghan

Israeli born Eyal Lovett is one of the most prominent jazz pianists and band leaders currently active in Europe. Eyal was chosen to be the 2017 “Artist of the year” by Jazzy Berlin. In June 2018 Eyal Lovett Trio won 1st place at the international competition JazzWings in Warsaw. In 2022 Eyal graduated from the prestigious Soloist program in the Royal Academy of Music, Aalborg. Eyal's 4th album "Through the Rain" was released Feb 2022 by BERTHOLD Records.

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