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Girls in Airports

Mesmerizing soundscapes and indie jazz

“Like a wild forest, the music reflects life in all its colorful variety while still having a firm sense of unity. In spite of all the influences, this isn’t a postmodern patchwork of genres, but rather a timeless snapshot of natural beauty.” – Jakob Bækgaard, All About Jazz

"discerning listening, falling very neatly into the jazz-rock category with heavy improvisation being the jazz connection. Certainly a good start for new listeners with regular surprises on a colorful musical journey, from start to finish."
- Nick Davies, London Jazz News

Girls in Airports has been described as ‘a unique blend of Nordic jazz lyricism, indie-rock influences and sounds from around the world’. The Danish band is famous for their captivating soundscapes crossing musical genres and geographical borders.

Combining jazz, indie and urban folk into a unique expression of heart stirring, melody-laden elegiac hooks and dance-friendly, globally influenced rhythms.

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