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Hess/AC/Hess Spacelab

Nordic cinematic jazz trio

"Simply put, these guys are the best piano trio in Denmark, and Nikolaj Hess is one of the most inventive jazz pianists working today"
- Mitch Myers Magnet Magazine 2019

Hess/AC/Hess Spacelab, the telepathically interplaying, trance-inducing super trio with Anders AC Christensen's iconic masterful bass, Mikkel Hess’ innovative unique drums and Nikolaj Hess’ virtuosic heart-melting piano playing, has existed since the three now international Danes started playing together in their childhood in Jutland, Denmark.

They each have their own individual projects in different areas but meet and dive into Spacelab where they develop and explore their deep musical connections and common grounds. Nordic cinematic jazz with scintillating communication, lyrical melodies and infectious grooves.

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