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Hess Is More

Circular transatlantic ensemble sounding in the borderland between jazz, kraut, pop and electronica

I believe I just witnessed the future of live dance music”
- Petty Nobles Collective

“Where on earth did this material come from ?”
- The Lowbrow Reader

“Top 10 Live Acts of the Year”
- GlitterballNYC

“Top 10 Music of the Year”
- Time Out Magazine NYC”

Hess Is More started as a solo project for Danish musician Mikkel Hess and has over the years developed into a circular transatlantic ensemble including musicians from Copenhagen, New York, and Berlin.

Hess Is More has released 9 albums and a bunch of EP’s and singles – music sounding in a borderland between jazz, kraut, electronica, pop, folk, and more.

Hess Is More has a long tradition of interdisciplinary collaborations, including music for ballet, art installations, and more. This ongoing interest in integrating music with other art forms has lately been expressed in their concert series entitled “Apollonian Circles”.

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