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Horse Orchestra

A testimony to a new generation of Nordic musicians

Horse Orchestra consists of seven young musicians from Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the band is a testimony to a new generation of musicians, who master their musical historical legacy and try to help modern jazz music reach new heights.

The band succeeds in combining parts of the history of jazz with modern barrier-breaking musical experiments and it all ends up in an original, post-modernistic style that has no equivalent on the Nordic jazz scene.

"Living the Dream is a fine and fun introduction to a party band whose performances almost negate Scandinavians’ reputation for humorlessness. At the same time the soloists’ strength and the arrangements’ sophistication suggest investigating the players’ style in less raucous surroundings." - Ken Waxman

"By virtue of its sublime musicianship, the album is a piece of riveting modern jazz with an underlying chaos."
- JazzSpecial

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