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Johanna Elina Sulkunen

Vocal, composition, electronic, ambient

Johanna Sulkunen is a Finnish experimental vocalist, composer and improviser based in Copenhagen. She has released two critically acclaimed solo albums as Johanna Elina and is a part of the award-winning vocal ensemble IKI. In 2018 she launched the experimental solo project Sonority, and ever since the symbiosis of vocals and electronics have been in the center of her career. She is a frequent collaborator with other artists as well and has performed with iconic jazz & improv and electronic musicians such as Tomasz Stanko, Axel Dörner, Koichi Makigami, Mike Sheridan and many others. Likewise she has worked with various interdisciplinary projects, collaborating with dancers, poets and filmmakers. Originally labelled as an exciting voice on the alternative jazz scene, Sulkunen has expanded her range of work to span everything from jazz and pop to free improvisation, electronic music and avant-garde.

Very fascinating album from an artist who dares to take a step outside of the established.' - Lira Musikmagazine, SWE

“With its finely-detailed solo composition, »KOAN« is closer to contemporary, complex layered vocal and sound worlds by Holly Herndon and her colleagues than to everything else that is heard in this country from the house of ILK and from the Copenhagen (jazz) scene” - Nordische Music, DE

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