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Kenneth Dahl Knudsen

Powered by a wild storm of musical passion and storytelling

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen is a composer, bassist, bandleader and rhythm scientist. Powered by a wild storm of musical passion and storytelling, he restlessly develops new and challenging projects.

He is versatile and curious, moving gracefully from the power trio of "Kemaca Kinetic" to the classical folk-jazz ensemble of "UUMMAT". With a masterful command of bands and audience alike, Knudsen has made the journey from a rising comet to a shining star on the European music scene.

"The music is nothing short of astonishing; at times comforting, safe and homely, at times challenging and testing. Ultimately it is intensely rewarding. In my humble opinion, it defines what truly great music is all about, and indeed, what it is to be human, with passion, depth, honesty and integrity."
- Mike Gates - UK Vibe -

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