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Coexistence of timbre and light - A sensitive mixture of colourful instrumental arrangements with a modern touch and refreshing vocally based melodies.

"""It is almost like a Big Band, but it is still open in the sound.”
(Steen Nikolaj Hansen (DR Big Band) in interview about Klanglys:

""...the band pushes the boundaries of the genres. Indeed, jazz isn’t the only one on this forty-five-minute record. We’re getting variety, pop and folk as well. A dreamy record, with a lot of savoir-faire.""

""Wir lassen uns von schönen, mal heiteren, mal feierlichen Themen in den Bann ziehen, die sorgfältig arrangiert sind, was nicht bedeutet, dass es keinen Raum für Improvisationen gibt. Man hört, dass sich die Band perfekt versteht, dass jeder Musiker in dieser Konvention sich wiederfindet und sie zusammen einen perfekt ausgearbeiteten Sound kreieren.""

All members of Klanglys make use of their love for jazz harmonies, rhythmic ostinato figures and natural soundscapes to create pleasant and light projecting melodies. The band utilises a wide array of musical colours with references to their vast span of cultural backgrounds. Klanglys will take you on a cinematic journey and guides you through festive and lively and dreamful scenes - just at the intersection of timbre and light.

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