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Kresten Osgood Quintet


From the already vibrant scene of Copenhagen rises a group extraordinaire! A quintet led by Kresten Osgood, one of the busiest and finest European improvising drummers, featuring hand picked selection of the most prolific younger generation improvisers from the local scene. The outcome is ballistic!

Their album is as straight forward as it's name suggests, Kresten Osgood Quintet indeed plays jazz, interpreting a wide selection of less known tunes from Dolphy, Monk, Mingus, Ellington, Davis, Jerome Cooper, Elmo Hope, and a few Osgood's originals. And they play jazz in the truest spirit of the legends mentioned above - full of the forward pointing character, taking a lot of chances, balancing with the perfect taste between what these tunes are (tradition) and the individual qualities of the performers' personal voices (future). Here's an album for fans of standard jazz and avant-garde aficionados alike. Here's a new direction, a fresh rendition of and for jazz.

"A terrific two disc set from drummer Kresten Osgood and his crack quintet."
Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz (USA)

"[Kresten Osgood] has the ability to deliver an authentic performance in any circumstance. Perhaps that is why these fifteen tracks work so well."
- Mark Corroto, All About Jazz (USA)

"Osgood Quintet suggests a clever and playful perspective of the jazz legacy; a perspective that bridges the distances between the past and the present, or between what is considered as traditional and what is perceived as free and avant-garde."
- Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

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