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Lubos Soukup Quartet

Modern jazz

The Lubos Soukup Quartet is an international modern jazz band led by Czech-Danish saxophonist and composer Lubos Soukup. Formed in Copenhagen in 2011, the quartet strives to create music that speaks to music lovers beyond the jazz inner circle. The group comprises German pianist Christian Pabst, Danish bassist Morten Haxholm, and drummer Morten Hæsum. The band has released 3 albums, including Země (feat. Lionel Loueke) and was voted the best Czech jazz album of the year in a music expert survey.

“The sense of a true group effort comes all the more striking and elevates the entire venture. Every player is equally relevant here and adds a personal touch leading to a unique and adventurous offering.”

Friedrich Kunzmann, All About Jazz

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