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Machina Mundi

Modern jazz with synth-powered grooves

Scandinavian band Machina Mundi draws inspiration from Weather Report's use of synths and Chris Potter's Underground project. Led by Lubos Soukup, the band's compositions feature elegant melodies, feel-good grooves, and exciting solos. With a unique harmonic universe, the music evokes images of a dark Scandinavian sky one moment and busy New York streets the next.

Luboš Soukup: sax/clarinet/effects, William Larsson: Fender Rhodes/keyboards/effects, Graig Earle: doublebass, Daniel Johansson: drums

“With complex arrangements and a sound that moves between a gentle groove of odd meter grooves and floating, cloudy passages, you quickly find access to this basically positively radiant music with many lyrical moments. […] Yes, this music is very moving and intoxicating.”

Wolfgang Giese,

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