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Mads Mathias

Vocal Jazz

Already a star in his native Denmark, Mads Mathias is a vocalist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, who has captured the hearts of music lovers with his charismatic performances, spirited personality and creative original songs.
Inspired and influenced by the great jazz vocalists of the past and present from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra to Harry Connick Jr, and with a deep respect for the crooner tradition, Mathias is nevertheless an original talent with a unique and effortlessly charming vocal delivery and a skill for writing catchy and memorable, stylishly crafted tunes.
His first release as a soloist, ‘Free Falling’, is a hugely ambitious project with contributions from twenty-five ‘hand-picked’ musicians in a mix of big band, strings and small group arrangements. Ten of the songs are originals by Mathias, who also performs saxophone, trumpet and piano alongside his
 vocals, with arrangements by himself and Peter Jensen.
The resulting critically-acclaimed album is a set of entrancing songs with the feel of timeless swing-era classics, skillfully crafted into a seamless coherent whole, with Mathias’s vocals ranging from playful and humorous to the depth and vulnerability.
He has received numerous prizes and awards, tours frequently with his own quartet and fronts big bands such as DR Big Band. He has played from The Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing to BBC Proms in Royal Albert Hall.

Denmark's leading male jazz vocalist, on the verge of an international breakthrough.”
– Michael Bo, Politiken

“An international star in the making.”
-Ivan Roed, Gaffa

“A truly gifted artist”
– Brian Blain, London Jazz News

-Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske Tidende

“The crooner of our time is found.”
-Christian Kloch, Midtjyllandsavis

“A young driven jazz singer with an individual character, and lovely warmth to his voice, unpretentious whilst at the same time highly professional … very gifted”
-Alexander Agrell, Sydsvenskan.

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