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Marie Mørck

Nordic vocal jazz

"Mørck swings as if for life, including scat [...] Another great swing will please the ear of jazzophile - the composer's "We Have All Day", where the young Danish came closest to the ideal of mature Ella! [...] Here are magnificent ballads from the preserve of modern jazz. [...] "Exclusively Yours" reveals the singer's register to the full, as well as emotions that are not unnecessarily tense; Mørck strives for a holistic expression. [...] One of the best vocal albums of European jazz this year!"
- Jan Hocek,

On her 2nd album "Songs to Comfort" (2023), the 28 year old Marie Mørck continues to explore the dreamy universe as heard on her succesful debut album "Fooling Around" (2019), for which she was nominated at the Danish Jazz Music Awards 2020 in the “best vocal jazz” category. She displays excellent musical creativity, and you can hear how comfortable she feels in her role as a singer, and how playfully she uses her voice.

Her music is a peculiar mix of influences, such as Joni Mitchell, Björk and Ella Fitzgerald, creating a unique and modern soundscape. She is not only a great singer, she is also a gifted songwriter and composer. Apart from one standard, she has written or co-written 8 of the 9 songs on the album. She explores a vast spectrum of musical vibes that result in a highly catchy and daring variety of songs, ranging from the tender, heartfelt title track “Song to Comfort” to the fun and quirky opening track “On My Way to Nowhere”. Carrying the album through is the distinct presence and nerve heard in the tone of her exquisite vocal performance. With her diverse blend of the pure, Nordic sound and the modern jazz of today, her voice hits a universal tone, and moves the listener, regardless of personal preferences and musical genres.

Marie Mørck previously toured in China, France, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

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