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An unrestrained cornucopia of fusion, funk, rock, and jazz

A select few musicians with harmonica as their primary instrument hold a place in the jazz hall of fame, but Mathias Heise is a fast-rising star seemingly destined for great things.

Reinventing jazz-fusion, Mathias Heise Quadrillion has created a unique sound combining the chromatic harmonica with updated funk-rock-jazz. Jazz harmonies and improvisation merged with rock and funk music’s hard-hitting primal beats are fused into a euphoric, vibrant and very personal expression of sophisticated elegance and accessible grooves.

The debut album ‘Sudden Ascent’ (2015), nominated for the Danish Music Awards, and the latest album ‘Decadence’, produced by Grammy Award winning L.A. producer Erik Zobler, received excellent reviews worldwide. Currently, Quadrillion is working on a new album set to be released later this year.

Quadrillion’s obvious talent and striking live performance have – despite their young age – already made them a sought after group abroad, and they have played at major festivals around the world.

Mathias Heise (chromatic harmonica/keys), Mads Christiansen (guitar), David Vang (bass), Aksel Stadel Borum (drums).

“Shamelessly beat-filled tunes atop a strong jazz-fusion superstructure, it’s certainly entertaining!”
- Rob Mallows / Kind of Jazz (UK)

“Been digging these young cats. Stop and give your ears a real treat!”
- Leland Sklar, bassist (US)

“MHQ’s fine performance demonstrated that jazz-fusion can be accessible and ambitious at the same time. A band seemingly going places!”
- Ian Patterson / All About Jazz

“Showcasing a dynamic plethora of sounds and contemporary ideas, the result is a highly pleasurable collection of original works!”
- Jazon Balzarano / Jazz Journal (UK)

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