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Morten Schantz Trio

Modern jazz

"""Morten Schantz is European jazz name we’re going to get used to hearing.""
""The experience of travel that Schantz is invoking is not a package holiday trip but rather the spiritually inspiring beauty of tropical landscapes and majestic mountain scenery”
“Extremely melodic and accessible overall this is all intelligent music making in the sense of avoiding cliché and delivering clarity”
""With Morten Schantz Danish jazz has gotten a new international star""

With the brand new release, "Passenger", Morten Schantz Trio sets out on an exploratory voyage of striking beauty and powerful dramaturgi. Now, after almost two decades together, the tight unit has created its very own niche within a dense field of piano trios.
Morten Schantz had an international breakthrough with “JazzKamikaze”, and has later established himself as a solo artist releasing critically acclaimed albums such as “Godspeed” and "Unicorn".

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