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Nordkraft Big Band

Dynamic Rhythmic Ensemble

"Established as one of the most active, visionary, and serious ensembles within rhythmical contemporary music in Denmark and enjoys wide recognition for their recordings and concerts.

The big band was founded in 2010 in Aalborg (Northern Denmark) to contribute to high-level concerts and strengthen the local area artistically. Based on the big band tradition, and partly formed by American bassist John Clayton (2017-19), the 17-member ensemble continually explores the format.

The big band is played on Danish Radio P8 Jazz, and in the spring of 2022, the fifth album will be released – a collaboration between Greenland and Denmark.

Nordkraft Big Band has worked with great musicians as John Clayton, Bob Mintzer, Robben Ford, Sinne Eeg, Aalborg Symphony Orch., Nikolaj Bentzon, and Aviaja Lumholt."

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