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Spontaneous jazz


This band consists of two terrific Danish improvisors. Oslo-based Signe Krunderup Emmeluth has recorded both with her own Spacemusic Ensemble and as a part of Andreas Røysum Ensemble here at Motvind Records.

Kresten Osgood considered a main giant of danish Jazz, and as a drummer he has recorded with Paul Bley, Yusef Lateef, John Tchicai, Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ran Blake, Michael Blake, Jerome Cooper, Sam Rivers, Charles Davis, Derek Bailey, Akira Sakata, Masabumi Kikuchi, Dr Lonnie Smith, Hugo Rasmussen, Bent Jædig and many others.

"Vandtårnet has become an exciting live record"
- Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts (about Emmeluth/Osgood's release VANDTÅRNET)

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