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The mission is to reflect the modern society and put a sound to its vibrations. Through this sound we seek to transmit purity, love and joy

OTOOTO (Japanese for sound sound) is the newest branch of danish indie jazz. The band is a melting pot of 5 rising stars on the danish and international scene who joined forces to create a new take on "Modern Jazz"

The sound of OTOOTO is defined by featherlight and lyrical melodies parred with the characteristic sound of the vintage synth Juno 106. Add to that a neosoul/R&B groove and “voila”. The songs all sparks a sense of hope and joy and is lividly unfold in a harmonious yet playfull way.

"..Although a tight-knit quintet consisting of incredibly talented young Danish musicians, it is Wallace and Due who act as the nucleus of OTOOTO. As founding members and responsible for the project’s compositions, OTOOTO is a fascinating meeting of the minds of these two shining lights from Danish jazz."
- Imran Mirza, UKvibe, 5 out of 5 *****

"It’s got everything, from a beautiful and moving melody and energetic solos to an incredibly groovy and non-intrusive rhythm section. It’s more of a traditional song form, and personally speaking, it holds the space for the band to experiment with that sound" “Sun Fish” and “Token” take cool to a whole new level" ..., Lera Eidi

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