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Broken disco, electronica, impro

“Schantz is able to embrace a carefully constructed dramaturgy that often explodes in melodic hooks that are so grand that they would fit a stadium”.
- All About Jazz.

One plays keys like a god and the other plays drums like an animal. Danish Morten Schantz (synth+vocals) and Swedish-Norwegian Anton Eger (drums) are well-known names on the jazz and fusion scenes around the world. For many years now, and as parts of different crews, they’ve been taking the jazz logic hardwired in their brains and applying it to all sorts of new and unconventional places.

RKDIA might be their most explosive form yet.
This is the mind of jazz sprawled onto pop retro-futurism.
With RKDIA, they come together in a burst of color and rhythm. Armed with technical brilliance and a penchant for the epic, the duo spin up forceful and hypnotic works that inject the free kinetic of jazz into synth-based electronica and cascading power pop. It’s a sound of its own. One minute it goes to the body in pulsating blows like house music. The next, it envelops you in warm-blooded synth-pop pathos. The improvisational grip runs deep through the tracks. It’s the sound of musical DNA fragments being dissolved and re-configured in real-time. Something that probably needs to be heard – preferably live.

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