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Sarah Elgeti Quartet with Friends

Contemporary jazz

Sarah Elgeti is a passionate musician covering many different genres.
She has played with musicians such as Phil Dwyer, Sidsel Storm, Tina Mweni, Søren Bebe, Morten Schantz, Alexander Kraglund, Helle Marstrand, Etta Cameron, Finn Ziegler, Lars H.U.G., Nattefrost and many others. Sarah has also toured in many coutries with her own ensemble.

The release concerts and many subsequent concerts held throughout Europe were played for packed houses and dazzled both the audiences as well as the press.

Her new album, Dawn Comes Quietly, was just released worldwide in 2020. Here one experiences a renewal in Sarah Elgeti's approach to composing and arranging her music. Highlights are sure to be a handful of larger fugal-inspired woodwind compositions, in addition to some fresh lyrics with themes embracing the fragility and journey of life.
The sound is contemporary jazz, combining power and lyrical expression with a unique transparent Scandinavian blend. From beautiful ballads, groovy Latin and bebop-inspired swing tunes with a splash of odd meters and funk-all compositions are tastefully executed and skillfully enhanced by the broad range of instruments chosen.

In addition to composing the entire repertoire for the Sarah Elgeti Quartet, she has composed music for many other ensembles including the saxophone quartet 4 Shades of Blue, the fusion orchestras Nordic Fusion and Troldspejlet, and has also written the lyrics for the electronic music project, Nattefrost.

“We continue to be impressed by the Danish reed master Sarah Elgeti and her band..”
- O’s Place, US

“The playing is tight and skillful..These new songs have the makings of classics...”
– Lemonwire, US

“The sound […] is fascinating and rare […] and the musical interactions she makes are also striking. Her jazz approach is always about Scandinavian sound, but on this occasion she went even a step further...”
- SoundGuardian, HR

”Saxophonist/flautist Sarah Elgeti is the latest Danish wonder to emerge on the international stage..”
- Edward Blanco, All About Jazz, US

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