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Original compositions played by an 30 years old saxophone quartet from Copenhagen

"The receipt of your group's CD has compelled me to write. I am now looking forward to a long and lasting depression due to your music with it's truly inspired concept and performance. I must now face the realisation that my own crudely conceived vision of a sax quartet + featured players is now destined to be a vague shadow of SAXOPATHS. In the past, I was happy to receive some good and some not so good disks at my shop...but now, this."
-Mark Rakita, USAHorns

"Saxopaths is a saxophone quartet from Copenhagen, founded in 1992.

The music is composed and/or arranged by Kristoffer Rosing-Schow

Humanistic music with humor, stories, curiosity, emotional depth, contradictions (no contradictions), plenty of time and love..."

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