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Shadow Government

A versatile contemporary jazz trio, blending music from all corners of the world


We find ourselves in an increasingly surreal everyday life, where the power struggle between the world's leading leaders is becoming more and more grotesque and takes place in the form of offensive Twitter posts and campaigns supported by anonymous billionaires.

Shadow Government counteracts the negative influence of our world's abusers of power through musical missions, in order to spread the message that our individual voices have a greater meaning than we are aware of.

The trio is built upon a telepathic connection that, by virtue of trust and curiosity, can make almost anything arise out of nothing. One of the trio's strengths is the diversity among the musicians:

Matias Fischer (drums) has hip hop and quirky beats in his backpack, Carsten Kær (piano) has a wide range of world music and Brazilian music making him one of Denmark's most prominent salsa pianists and Mads Houe (bass) has a funky and virtuos approach to everything from hymns to free-jazz.

They have a great common urge to shake the music genre bag and experiment with music styles ranging from South America to Armenia. Therefore, threads emerge in their compositions to Brazilian samba, Armenian folk music and modern jazz.

The trio has a debut album coming later this year.

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