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Simon Toldam Trio

Contemporary jazz

Perhaps one day we will forget what it means to sit still in contemplation, gazing at the clouds in the sky, but then music, slow music, will be the entry into a world where it's possible to reconnect with a feeling of presence. The record spinning could very well be Simon Toldam Trio's Omhu. -
- Jakob Bægaard, All About Jazz

Toldam expresses this fragility with tranquil minimalist piano impressions. The ironed bass by Nils Davidsen and subtle light-footed drums by Knut Finsrud complement the intimate picture perfectly.
- Bernard Lefèvre, Jazzhalo

Notes are falling as raindrops amid prowling textures, shuffling timbres, and reptilian mood shifts. It all happens the way sounds occur and rise in nature and provides a distinguishing listening experience.
- Henning Bolte, Written in Music (Netherlands)

This music creates spaces in which we can find ourselves, in which we hear new and focused as if we had not already heard hundreds of jazz trios. … The pieces are anything but brazen or cool but carried by impressive intuition, and not least, this is also music of great beauty.
- Nordische Musik

The telepathic interplay between Nils on bass, Knut on drums, and Simon on piano has been present and thriving since they began playing together in 2010.

Their debut album, "Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass,” was heralded as a masterpiece by jazz critics and nominated as “Jazz Album of the Year” at the Danish Music Awards in 2012. The success continued with the also-nominated duology “KIG OP 14” and “KIG OP 15” in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Their latest release OMHU - their strongest offering to date - was awarded “Best album of the year” at Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019.

Nils, Knut and Simon are all in demand players on the European scene of jazz/improv. ST3 has been touring in Europe and Japan several times. Japan has become a favourite, and new album OMHU is also released on licence in Japan by the Japanese label Song X.

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