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Nordic jazz with folk undertones


Copenhagen-based band Storälven presents new music based on folk melodies from the band members' home countries. The eight-piece ensemble, consisting of internationally recognized musicians from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the Czech Republic, creates vivid narratives that blend past and present. Their debut album features nine new compositions that transform small melodies into large works. With singable and recognizable melodies, Storälven is a refreshing addition to the European jazz scene.

"It is not the case that they interpret well-known, Scandinavian folk melodies that we know from before, as a number of other artists have done, almost to the point of boredom, over the years. Here they take the tradition as a starting point, and create their own songs, where you much more feel the Scandinavian landscape instead of looking for well-recognizable elements and themes. [...] This has become a fine album of "new" Scandinavian folk music, where the jazz elements are at the forefront of inspiration, especially from Tobias Wiklund's eminent cornet playing."

Jan Granlie, Salt peanuts

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