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Teis Semey Quintet

New Nordic Amsterdam Impro Punk

Danish guitarist Teis Semey is emerging as one of the leading young musicians in the European jazz scene. The “rising star” (NRC) just released his third album, called Mean Mean Machine. Here, the Teis Semey Quintet exhibits a melodic, avant-garde punkish sonic collage. Semey “...grabs you by the shoulders, and screams a story into your face - but, a story with depth and nuance”. The Teis Semey Quintet places itself on the "cutting edge of jazz" and is a name to not miss out on.

"By using his own unique style of punk, Semey proclaims true freedom and blends forms of traditional jazz, with punk, and indie, together to create something truly wonderful."

-Rob Oatley, TheOdysseyOnline

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