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The Way Out

Avantgarde party pop jazz


The Way Out is a unique entertaining, expressive and exciting jazz quartet that has roamed the underground of Copenhagen for more than ten years and released three full length albums. All members of the band are writing tunes for the project, but regardless which composer they have a strong band sound and approach to the material, that makes it sound as a whole. In recent years the band has played, tours and festivals in Norway, Portugal and Spain. Mads Ole Erhardsen: tenor saxophone and bass clarinet. Jesper Bo Knudsen: drums

he songs are fine, the playing is delicious, and it all becomes an original and exciting setting, which should give the band many more gigs both in Denmark and in the rest of Europe, The Way Out has exactly what it takes.

A more energetic and driving, modern jazz music, you have not heard since Chris McGregor, The Blue Notes, Dudu Pukwana, Johnny Dyani and some of the other South African musicians who emigrated north.
- Jan Granlie,

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