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Tomasz Dąbrowski & The Individual Beings

Stimulating Composed Structural Vehicles with Open Improvisation

Such a fearless band
Carlo Wolff, Downbeat Magazine

"Dabrowski is one of Europe's most versetile and curious players, a musician eager to challenge himself with shifting contexts and self-imposed limitations"
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

The melody from the late Tomasz Stańko’s trumpet felt like the langorous descent of candle wax, often landing with a splash. And with Tomasz Dąbrowski, you know to expect the heat. Dąbrowski’s latest is an homage of sorts to Stańko’s music, and the trumpeter charts a course that cuts down the middle of wat separates them. The melodies pour out slowly, patiently, but are agitated and stirred before they’ve fully taken shape. This balancing act on the tipping poing between serenity and dissonance is utterly arresting.
Dave Summer, The Best on Bandcamp

Praised by Downbeat Magazine as one of Europe's most versatile and curious players, Polish-born trumpeter Tomasz Dąbrowski - Scandinavian-based musician and composer makes music that whispers then screams; open melodies merging into non-trumpet-like noise. With Individual Beings Dąbrowski assembles an eclectic cast of musicians to pay tribute to the late Tomasz Stańko. The result is a deeply personal, yet powerful celebration nested in a vast sonic soundscape, next riveting chapter in the story of a real-time rising star.

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