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Electronic jazz, truly authentic – just like a charter vacation

Mix a bunch of synthetic Casio keyboards with Geisha song, video game scores, afro-beat and SPA music, add polaroid pictures from Mallorcan charter vacations of the 1980s, and you have the recipe for a TURIST concert.

Acclaimed Keyboardist and composer Rasmus Kjær’s 3rd album TURIST won the price of Best New LP Release at the Annual Vinyl Anachronist Awards 2020 (US) and played festivals and venues around Denmark. Electronic jazz with space for heroic keyboard solos and open improvisations.

”it’s instantly my favorite release of 2020 and I’ve been listening to it non-stop.”
- (US)

“Jazz played on… cheap synthesizers!”
- Jazz Press (PL)

“How lego sounds, plugged into the mains!”
- Hi-Fi World (UK)

”an upbeat, ironic but always insightful story”
- Eyal Hareuveni/Salt-Peanuts (EU)

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