Yellow Spoon

Improvisation, free music

Yellow Spoon is an improvisational duo playing free music drawing inspiration from Jazz, HipHop, House, avantgarde and much more. The duo has been making waves in Denmark since signing with SBD in 2019 and has quickly established themselves as one of the premier DK crossover jazz/beat acts on a scene burgeoning with talent. Since 2018, they have supported acts such as Gaslamp Killer (US), Laura Misch (UK), Charlotte Dos Santos (NO) and have collaborated with Danish artists such as Nanna.B & Shatter Hands. They’ve been labeled as a must watch by the Danish newspaper Politiken, and recently performed at JazzAlive as part of the national jazz radio P8s televised programming. With a strong live presence and a handful of smaller projects out on youtube and bandcamp, they established themselves as one to watch even before their self-titled debut album dropped in late April 2021 on the HHV Records sublabel Super Bad Disco. A label teamwork which also released several critically acclaimed albums by DK acts such as Athletic Progression and Berlin Zoo.

"Imagine talking incessantly. No, not just talk, but talk. Conversation. For an hour and a half. Back and forth, ping pong, listening, interrupting, commenting, unfolding ideas. It takes a little, right? To keep it running without losing the thread, without the dialogue dying out. So it is with the discipline of free improvisation. And just like with a free-flowing conversation, musically, not all ideas or outbursts are necessarily equally good. It is part of the exercise that small pieces of charcoal should be massaged and pressed together between the musicians so that they can hopefully turn into diamonds. And even though the Silkeborg duo Yellow Spoon on Tuesday night in the concrete hall at Reffen had to throw a few lumps on the grill at the food market outside, they still managed to collect enough gemstones to eventually decorate an entire tennis bracelet."
- David A. Dyrholm Nielsen, Politiken newspaper