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Danish Music in China

Building cultural bridges since 2010. Supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

2010 - now

For more than a decade, JazzDenmark (Danish Genre Organisation for Jazz) and ROSA (Danish Genre Organisation for Rock) have had a continuous focus on China, as part of the organizations’ international work. China represents endless possibilities as well as a large and curious audience, for those who have the skills and the desire to expand their music into new countries.


In order for Danish jazz to blossom in China, we focus on maintaining a good relationship with our Chinese contacts, taking initiatives to build new relations, and gather experiences for us to secure the best options for Danish jazz in China, for the present, and for the future.  


Together with ROSA, we engage actively in creating possibilities for Danish musicians with projects that reflect the strategy of The International Culture Panel (2017-2020). The project in China is a collaboration between JazzDanmark and ROSA. The project is called  DMC - Danish Music in China - a project executing music tours, visitor programs, and networking events across the two nations. Danish musicians who want to explore the Chinese music market can also seek funding through DMC, besides counseling and networking. 


The mutual effort from the two organizations has resulted in more than 250 concerts, numerous collaborations, and releases. In addition, the genre organizations have completed various visitor programs for relevant people of the Chinese music industry. The project has become an indescribable cornerstone for both musicians and organizations in Denmark, with ambitions of exploring the Chinese market.

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