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Danish Vibes

A showcase of trendsetting bands from the Jazz, Folk, and World scenes – an industry get-together and a music event open to the public.

2012 - 2020


Danish Vibes is an export project based in Germany, that aims to create new opportunities for Danish jazz, world, and folk artists in Germany, while also promoting closer collaborations between the Danish and the German music industry. The project finishes  with a big showcase in Hamburg and since 2018 Danish Vibes has also been taking place in Cologne with a showcase and informal networking session.


Since the project was initiated in 2012, it has been a mutual investment between JazzDanmark and Tempi with support from the Danish Arts Foundation. 


All financial means are allotted to create the most optimal exposure in German media for the selected artists, as well as inviting booking agents and record labels to Hamburg for the final showcase. Before the showcase, the participating artists will also have optimized press kits, participate in music fairs and other relevant events, while also working professionally with their music strategy. Danish Vibes is collaborating with booking agencies, record labels, and publicists in Germany. The participants are selected by a group of people from the German music industry. 


The close contact between German booking agents, publicists, and selected artists is part of the DNA of Danish Vibes.


For more information on Danish Vibes, please visit the website

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