Denmark at jazzahead!

Danish jazz at the international jazz fair

jazzahead! originally began as a German jazz fair in 2006. Already from the start, the fair received great international support and interest as a meeting place for the European jazz industry. Representing Denmark, JazzDanmark participated from 2007, albeit in a limited format. Ever since, the presence of both jazzahead! and JazzDanmark has grown exponentially and today, the fair is visited by a wide range of the industry from across Europe, as well as many other countries. In 2016, the fair had 15,000 visitors.

From 2011, an annual partnering country has been selected for jazzahead! In 2014, Denmark was selected as the year’s partnering country, where JazzDanmark presented some highlights from the Danish jazz scene, such as Ibrahim Electric, Blood Sweat Drum+Bass, and Girls in Airports. 

Since 2015, JazzDanmark has arranged an “off-event” - a showcase at a nearby hotel, which has quickly become a popular event, attracting many people from the music industry. The showcase presents a line of Danish acts under the banner “Danish Clubnight".

Featured artists

Kristin Korb



Kira Skov

Ibrahim Electric

I Just Came From The Moon

Blood Sweat Drum+Bass

Girls in Airports

Claudia Campagnol

Mathias Heise Quadrillion

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