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Nordic Indiejazz

Original and with a huge sound. Focus is on the good melody, which with both complex and well-thought-out simple structures incorporates the Scandinavian and lyrical jazz language. It results in a hard-hitting indie-like expression mixed with the diversity of jazz.

The audience is challenged with the quirky, but also spoiled with an easily recognizable lyrical sound that embraces the expected as well of the unexpected. In a universe with powerful bass lines, heavy and beautiful synth surfaces, mixed with samples and drums, La Cour's flugelhorn and Krebs' guitar stand out as the anchors of the melodies in close balance between the light and the dark.

The members of the group are all respected and experienced musicians who each play with the top of Danish musicians. Andorra excels in both the improvisational and the closely disciplined interplay, and together they are a very strong live band on the music scene.

With this band, the world is no longer standing still. They set it in motion and at the same time they take you to all the places in the world you miss seeing.

"When analogue became digital who’d have thought we’d get to 2023 and all be wanting analogue again. Andorra’s “Current” kind of offers the best of both worlds." Mike Gates -

Present at Jazzahead!

Simon Krebs (guitar) and Nikolaj Bundvig (drummer)

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