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Antonio Dayyani

Nordic Americana Jazz composer and drummer


In a blend of crystal-clear Nordic melancholy and dusty Americana, Antonio Dayyani invites the listener into his unorthodox jazz universe, where strong and easy-comprehensible compositions set the scene for a long line of beautiful musical stories.

His debut album "Herfra kan det kun gå to veje" (transl.: "There are only two ways from here") conquered the hearts of many critics and audiences across Denmark, and received lots of airplay-time on national Danish radio.

In the fall of 2024, Antonio Dayyani will be ready with his second album "TROP OP" (transl.: "STEP UP") which will be released on the well-renowned April Records.

"Unique sounding band, definitely one of this year's significant debut releases" - Niels Overgaard (Jazznyt)

Present at Jazzahead!

Antonio Dayyani

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