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Cecilie Strange

A melancholic, spacious, Nordic ode to the circle of life inspired by the arrival of motherhood

A musical statement of peace, relaxation and contemplation inspired by the arrival of motherhood, Danish saxophonist and April Records artist Cecilie Strange presents her new album ‘Beyond’, released June 9 2023.
Following her acclaimed 2021 release ‘Blikan’, which has seen Strange gain international recognition in the form of over 1 million plays on Spotify and reviews in wide-reaching publications including Downbeat magazine.
The record is a melancholic, spacious, Nordic ode to the circle of life, both literally and conceptually. Recorded by four musicians (her “dream team”) arranged in a circle, the compositions reflect on those she loves, and those she has loved and lost.
It begins with a song dedicated to the grandmother she lost when she was eight years old as well as to her daughter, both who share the name ‘Alice’. ‘Byssan Lull’ is an interpretation of a lullaby Cecilie sings to her children, taught to her by her husband who had it sung to him by his mother when he was a child. ‘Where My Heart Lives’ is dedicated to her husband, with whom she has spent half of her life. ‘Midnight Sun Upon Saltværsøya’ was inspired by witnessing the eternal light on a small island off the coast of Norway.
Lyrical, lamenting melodies are the focal point of ‘Beyond’, emerging from every corner of the ensemble and removing the boundaries between the improvised and the composed. Experienced ensemble playing, comforting harmony and sparse, intentional musicality create a sense of delicate intensity that demands to be listened to.
This ‘dream’ quartet of pianist Peter Rosendal, drummer Jakob Høyer and bassist Thommy Andersson accompanied Cecilie on her previous two bodies of work. “The mutual understanding and musical chemistry between us allows for a freer approach to ensemble playing” she commented. There were no discussions regarding who would take what solo - the four simply arranged themselves in a circle and played. The result - with the addition of guest vocalist Josefine Cronholm on two tracks - is a dynamic, emotive and interactive recording that oozes togetherness and intimacy.

"Cecilie Strange operates at the most peaceful, loving and mellifluous end of the saxophone's emotional register when she plays under her own name. The 38-year-old conservatory-educated saxophonist has added the album Beyond to the excellent trilogy she began with Blue from 2020 and continued with Blikan the following year. On all three records is her wistful and gentle saxophone playing accompanied by pianist Peter Rosendal, drummer Jakob Høyer and bassist Thommy Andersson. (...) Yes, Beyond is comfortable beyond the usual.” — Information, Louise Rosengreen “The music here is, as Cecilie says, about the circle of life. About motherhood and love. It all comes together gently, slowly, a musical painting of life, love, and death, observed slowly in a very good place on a small Norwegian Island. Brightened by joy and the magic of the birds and the midnight sun.” — Derek Ansell, Jazz Journal

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