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Giant Sheep Music

Passionate about helping musical talent shine!


Claudia Campagnol, Mathias Heise Quadrillion, Kristin Korb, The LAB Inc., Elektrojazz


Giant Sheep Music in an independent label and publisher working with Danish acts only. We are dedicated to artists dedicated to creating good music - and we are passionate about helping musical talent shine. We only release music that we like, and we choose to have just a few high quality releases a year.

Our roster includes some of Denmark's most talented names such as: Danish Music Awards nominee, jazz/soul vocalist CLAUDIA CAMPAGNOL, the multi-award winning harmonica virtuoso MATHIAS HEISE, the super charged fusion/soul/funk project THE LAB INC. Part of the Giant Sheep family is also the funky acid jazz band ELEKTROJAZZ, and just recently, Danish/American vocalist and bass player KRISTIN KORB joined in.

Present at Jazzahead!

Susanne Benz and Peter Sundberg

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