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Klezmofobia anniversary in 2024: 20 years on the road!

Klezmofobia burst through to the Danish and foreign audience, when the debut album Tantz! won a Danish Music Award, and the Tiger stores sold the record in the thousands. In the years that followed, the band played numerous concerts in Denmark, Germany, and the Nordic countries - and exotic places such as Mexico, China, Japan, and Svalbard. Two more albums came out: Ganze Velt, and Kartushnik, which was an international collaboration with one of the Balkan world's most recognized producers, Dragi Sestic.
2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Klezmofobia, and they're celebrating with a tour and the release of an EP with five brand new tracks.
The music embraces irresistible klezmer chain dance, punky energy and beautiful ballads that take the listener on a dreamy flight through the grassy mountains and valleys of Eastern Europe.

The band is better than ever. The many years of intense interplay and hundreds of concerts can be felt when the seasoned musicians throw themselves with playful ease into chain dances, rock'n'roll klezmer and beautiful ballads. Leading the way is the queen of Nordic klezmer, Channe Nussbaum, whose vocals have power - and the beauty and depth of age.
The musicians are looking forward to stepping on to the stage in venues in Denmark again, and feeling the buzz from the thousands of fans who love to dance, sing and cry to Klezmofobia's music.

Line up:
Channe Nussbaum, vocal
Bjarke Kolerus, clarinet
Ole Reimer, trumpet
Andreas Ugorskij, guitar
Jesper Lund Jakobsen, balalaika-bas
Jonathan Aisen, drums

Contact : Andreas Ugorskij,
Tlf +45 26291864

Fiddler on a surfboard - Hammer Competent release from the Danish Klezmer Group Klezmofobia' (Torben Holleufer, Information), 'Party is there! To such an extent that at a weak moment one will easily be able to fell to even live the dream of the gypsy life - to stay under the open sky, dancing wildly around a bonfire at night time, completely unfluly playing cool, flirting completely wild with the girls in their swinging skirts' (Ivan Rod, Gaffa), 'Klezmofobia is acknowledged as an ensemble of international format. And they only confirm with this new release, where ballads and hefty, dancing pieces alternate, and where the clarinet's melancholy and passionate sound draws lines back to the Klezmer roots and forward. The language sung is Yiddish, and Channe Nussbaum sings captivating and passionate with her slightly hoarse, warm, full voice that can sometimes be reminiscent of Blessed Janis Joplin. Kartushnik adds yet another cubit to the format Klezmofobia demonstrated on the previous two records - Tantz! (2006) and Ganze Velt (2008) - and demonstrates that Klezmer Music in 2012 is not reserved for genrefetischists, but appeals to anyone who likes to take a swing and listen to a catchy ballade. Should there be a one out there suffering from klezmophobia, then Klezmofobia's new release is the right antidote. Hereby recommended.' (CAPAC)

Present at Jazzahead!

Andreas Ugorskij

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