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Lis Wessberg - Yellow Map

With the trombone as the leading instrument in a heartfelt play with the electronic universe, Lis Wessberg's band Yellow Map stands out as quite unique.

Lis Wessberg's band Yellow Map stands out as quite unique.
In the fall of 2021, trombonist Lis Wessberg released the critically acclaimed album Yellow Map on April Records.

In the spring of 2023, Yellow Map has been in the studio again to record their second album TWAN WALKING. TWAIN WALKING will be released april 12, 2024

Yellow Map is a confident meeting between the acoustic instrument and the electronic expression. This meeting unfolds in a wondrous space where both light and dark, intimacy, joy, and reflection emerge. The fusion of these two universes gives the music a floating, contemporary, and almost cinematic expression.

The musicians in the band are handpicked from the very top of Danish jazz;
pianist Steen Rasmussen, bassist Lennart Ginman, and drummer Jeppe Gram.

Lis Wessberg has participated in more than 50 releases. She has played with domestic names like Jan Kaspersen, Marilyn Mazur, Fredrik Lundin, Hanne Boel, and many more. Lis Wessberg has also played and recorded with international stars such as Joyce Moreno, Bob Berg, Paulo Braga, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, and Ernie Wilkins Almost Big Band feat. Randy Brecker.

Yellow Map ranks among the year's major Danish jazz releases – And receives a huge recommendation from here. Jazznyt by Niels Overgaard

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Lis Wessberg

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