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Little North

Nordic piano trio

With their captivating cinematic sound and a warm and intense presence, Little North bonds with their audience from the very first note. The sound of the band is way bigger than their classic piano trio constellation suggests. In a melting pot of modern minimalism and Nordic jazz tradition and with an intensity that draws threads to the jazz scene of New York, Little North has what it takes to add the next exciting chapter to the history of Scandinavian jazz. Their compositions, consisting of straightforward melodies in complex arrangements, pay as much attention to the notes NOT played as the ones the listener hears

In the beginning of 2024, the critically acclaimed Danish jazz trio, Little North, will release a
new album featuring a special guest appearance by Norwegian trumpeter Oscar Andreas
Haug. The album presents a series of freshly composed pieces that blend Little North's
warm and telepathic interplay with Haug's ethereal and lyrical trumpet playing. In the
meeting between the closely-knit trio and the young talent from Norway, they quickly found a
deep mutual understanding, leading to a musical journey where they have challenged and
evolved their sound in new and inspiring ways.

"While You Wait" will be released on the prestigious label ACT, March 1st 2024.

Little North consists of Lasse Jacobsen on drums, Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen on bass, and Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen on piano. Since 2020, the trio has gained recognition for their unique sound and has released four critically acclaimed albums.

“These young players have good taste, chameleonic talent and voices of their own. Familiar Places is Little North’s fourth album in six years, further defining and investigating a sound all their own based on twisting everything around them.” — ★★★★✩ DownBeat Magazine (US)

Present at Jazzahead!

Lasse Jacobsen, Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen, Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen

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