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Maja Kjær si Orkester

A tribute to forbidden folk music!

With the unconventional line-up of tuba, dulcimer, percussion and violin, the orchestra plays forbidden folk music. No matter how you look at it, the orchestra is composed of forbidden elements - that is, historically speaking. In the old days, the violin was a symbol of the devil, the drum was not a "real" instrument, the dulcimer was reserved for country folk and the outcasts of society, and brass has not always been "popular" enough for folk music. And there has - as far as is known - never been an attempt to combine the four instruments until now. But Maja Kjær intends to change that. And in passing, she and the orchestra will both kick off a party and touch the most delicate souls in the audience.

In the space between Maja's strong melodies and these buoyant, charismatic instruments, a previously unheard soundscape emerges. Together, the orchestra has a vision to make room for the acoustic music to be a contrast to the digital world: the music is newly written and it must also be "alive"; it is played on acoustic instruments without amplification, and therefore it can and should get up close and touch its listeners. It must play on the nerves, the conversation and the joint singing between the musicians and the audience, and touch every person in the assembly.

Dear listeners - welcome, and come closer... with this orchestra says Maja Kjær,

"I have something forbidden I want to share with you!"

Maja Kjær si Orchestra offers newly written folk music, for festive as well as melancholic listeners, for the large concert halls and for the small, intimate living rooms.

Present at Jazzahead!

Sacha Kjøller

+45 29668823,

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