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Martin Fabricius Trio

New sounds on the vibraphone

Established in 2007, Martin Fabricius Trio has released 4 critically acclaimed albums, toured Scandinavia, Germany, China and Africa and become one of the most played jazz groups on Danish National Radio. A former student of vibraphone legend Gary Burton, Martin has developed his own style of playing, bringing to life the stories and paintings that are at the core of his music: Vast landscapes, mystical sceneries, train rides and breathtaking ballads painted in pastel colors of sound.

All About Jazz - Budd Kopman ”The opening sounds of the title track of Out of the White herald that this is going to be something different […] the happy/sad feeling of a Fellini film.” - 5/5 Stars

Present at Jazzahead!

Martin Fabricius

Ph (+45) 20685456 E-mail:

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